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The first DC vehicle-to-grid (v2G) bidirectional charger for home use.

It charges and discharges through a CHAdeMO vehicle connector.

Wallbox Quasar

How it works
Wallbox quasar 2.jpg



Turn your car into a huge battery system that can power your home (Tesla's Powerwall 2 has a 14 kWh battery, Nissan has a 62 kWh battery)

Use face recognition to unlock the charger and hand gestures to charge or discharge the car.

Use the MyWallbox app to manage your bidirectinal usage.

Use the MyWallbox app to set your parameters such as how much percentage of the battery you would like to utilise.


Allows your Quasar to communicate with the MyWallbox charging management platform using 3G or 4G networks.

Wallbox - Smart.JPG


Turn your EV into an emergency power.

Wallbox - Experienced.JPG

Power Boost

Measures how much electricty you use and gives the rest to your car. Turning the lights off in one room? Power Boost automatically adjusts the power.


General Specifications

Charger:                                     DC

Connector:                                 CHAdeMO

Charging mode:                         Mode 4

Dimensions (without cable):      350 x 350 x 150 mm (without cable)

Weight:                                      22 kg (without cable)

Cable length:                            5m

Electrical Specifications

Maximum Power:                       7.4 kW 

Maximum AC Current:               from 6A to 32 A

User Interface

Charger Status:                            RGB LEDs / Color Screen

User  Interface:                             Wallbox App / Gesture Recognition

User identification:                        Wallbox App / RFID / Face Recognition       


Connection:                                     Wi-Fi / Ethernet / Bluetooth

                                                        3G / 4G Connection

Quasar technical.JPG
Wallbox quasar.jpg


Your home is well prepared for your return,

perfectly set to whatever makes you most comfortable 

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