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Jaguar I-PACE is South Africa's car of the year

Jaguar has recently been rewarded for bringing the I-PACE to South Africa as it has just been named the 2020 Autotrader Car of the Year. 

What's putting the brakes on EV adoption in South Africa?

South Africa is lagging behind global sales of electric vehicles (Evs), which were projected to reach five million in 2019. To keep up to speed with ...

State of electric vehicles in South Africa: 4 areas to address

In a new report State of Electric Vehicles in South Africa, the national uYilo eMobility Programme addresses the four focal points of the current ...

From Tesla to Hummer and more: Every electric pickup truck coming 

With so many big and small companies prepping electric trucks, it's time for us to round them all up.

A bottom -up approach to cheaper, Next-Gen electric vehicles

REE Automotive thinks the way to get electric vehicles into mainstream is to flatten things out 

Tritium jumps into "Plug & Charge" at 350 kW

Tritium has launched a new 350 kW rapid charger that can automatically bill a user irrespective of which operator it belongs to. 

All VW retailers aree to 'agency' approach to selling electric cars

VW dealerships will not be the primary means for selling the company's ID family of electric cars.

BMWi3: Is running an electric vehicle all that simple here in SA?

Like it or loathe it, electricity will be powering the next generation of motor vehicles to come out of the world's